Deep Space and Farcast Partner to Revolutionize Cancer Research with AI, Space Biotech and Big Data Analytics
Deep Space and Farcast Partner to Revolutionize Cancer Research with AI, Space Biotech and Big Data Analytics

This partnership is a leap forward in precision medicine. Combining Deep Space’s AI capabilities and our rich human tumor microdynamics data, marking a new era in our fight against cancer.”

— Mohit Malhotra

PENSACOLA, FL, UNITED STATES, April 26, 2024 / — Deep Space Biology, Inc. (“DSB”), a leader in AI-driven biological data analysis, and Farcast Biosciences, Inc. (“Farcast”), a pioneer in human tumor microdynamics, today announced a significant partnership that promises to transform our approach to understanding and treating cancer.

Under a newly signed agreement, the two companies will collaborate to leverage their respective technologies: DSB’s cutting-edge AI platform, Yotta, and Farcast’s innovative platform which comprises TruNet, TruTumor, and TruSign. The partnership is structured around a shared vision to harness DSB’s explainable AI algorithms and space biotechnology developed over three years in collaboration with NASA with Farcast’s multimodal tumor microdynamics data generated from live human tumor fragments. This partnership will uncover deeper insights into tumor mechanisms, signals, pathways, and targets, leading to the precision design of therapeutics with the potential for far higher success than existing cancer treatments.

Montana Bilger, CEO of Deep Space Biology, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are thrilled to join forces with Farcast Biosciences. By combining our AI expertise and Space Biotechnology with their robust data on tumor biology, we believe we can make significant strides in cancer research and treatment.”

Mohit Malhotra, CEO of Farcast Biosciences, shared the sentiment, stating: “This partnership represents a leap forward in precision medicine. Combining Deep Space Biology’s AI capabilities, promises to unlock a wealth of insights from our rich and complex human tumor microdynamics data, marking a new era in our fight against cancer.”

Satish Sankaran, PhD, CSO of Farcast added “While the dynamics of human tumors are hard to recreate, they hold the key to understanding both response and resistance phenotypes that are essential for developing effective therapies. Farcast’s platform has the unique ability to perturb live human tumors with multiple therapies and generate orthogonal datasets creating biosignatures that are predictive of clinical response. Leveraging spatial analytics with AI and deep learning will help model the response of novel therapies and create combination strategies to disrupt the existing failure prone process of drug development”.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Kimberly Washington, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Deep Space Biology

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Sanjay Virmani, Advisor Farcast Biosciences; [email protected]

About Deep Space Biology, Inc.

Deep Space Biology, Inc. is at the forefront of leveraging artificial intelligence and space biotechnology to conduct groundbreaking disease and drug research. Its flagship AI platform, Yotta, is designed to identify and model crucial targets and pathways in complex biological systems, accelerating the pace of discovery and innovation in the life sciences.

About Farcast Biosciences, LLC.

Farcast is the only platform in the world that has the experience of over 24,000 solid tumors with powerful multi-modal data. Farcast specializes in the acquisition, processing, and generation of big data related to tumor microenvironments. With its proprietary platforms and multi-modal data, Farcast is advancing the understanding of the dynamic interactions within human tumors, is enabling the success of novel oncology therapies.

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Farcast Biosciences
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