Gilbert Mayoral Candidate Shane Krauser Addresses Video of Son

Shane Krauser is a licensed attorney in Arizona, a candidate for Gilbert mayor, and a married father of six children.

GILBERT, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, April 5, 2024 / — Addressing a recently published article about his son, Shane Krauser, candidate for Gilbert mayor, has released the following statement:

“Our children are worth protecting, and our children should be held accountable. Sadly, in the midst of this parental and corresponding community effort to address a recent wave of teen violence in and around Gilbert, Arizona, some people will use our children — yours and mine — as political pawns instead of working to help our children course correct.

An article was recently published showing our son in a video that was captured at a party in our neighborhood nearly two years ago on July 4, 2022. Scores of kids were in and out of our neighborhood throughout the night.

During that evening, a verbal dispute ensued between an adult couple and several kids over fireworks.

During the confrontation, our son is seen, for a brief moment, doing pushups. There was no physical confrontation, but certainly a lot of loud noise and unacceptable, disrespectful banter from several of the kids.

We now know that two of the kids present at the neighborhood party on July 4th were involved months later with incidents that were violent in nature. These two kids were apparently associated with the “Gilbert Goons.”

Subsequent events that involved violent behavior of individuals, and to which our son had no connection, does not make our son affiliated with the “Gilbert Goons.” Such a suggestion is beyond absurd, is political fodder, and dishonest journalism.

My wife and I addressed our child’s disrespectful conduct in a way that any parent should — with sternness, discipline, and disappointment, but also with an eye towards helping our son recognize that he is better than this.

It has never been about our children being perfect, but rather helping them improve in the midst of their imperfections. My son did something unacceptable, and we worked aggressively to fix it.

We love our son, and our heart broke as we watched him head to school full of anxiety due to so-called journalism that is nothing short of reckless, especially when this issue was addressed responsibly quite some time ago. This reporter did an injustice to our community and a greater injustice to a young man who has made great strides to better himself since this event nearly two years ago.

As a former violent crimes prosecutor and current candidate for Gilbert mayor, a significant part of my campaign has revolved around crime and fighting for justice.

I have been extensively involved in supporting the Preston Lord family, along with other families who have had their children victimized, and hosting community forums to address teen violence while parenting my own kids.

While some may want the public to believe that I should have no voice, I am not going anywhere. This is an effort to bring the community together to help our children, and I will be involved.

I am so thankful for the many wonderful people who have reached out to offer such amazing support to our family and our son to both address accountability and ensure our son is on track to growing into a young man who will contribute in positive ways to our community. This is what a community does, and it’s what this movement is all about.

In the meantime, I stand with my community to fight against teen violence and to help our children and their parents ensure our community is safer and one where our children can prosper.”

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