Leading Provider in Oracle Database Software releases KeepTool 16

KeepTool – Tools for Oracle Databases

KeepTool 16

New release KeepTool 16

ORDS - Oracle REST Data Service

ORDS – Oracle REST Data Service

New KeepTool release with secure direct TCP/IP database connections, Oracle Rest Data Services (ORDS), flat detail data browser, bulk insert scripts

BERLIN, BERLIN, GERMANY, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — KeepTool as a leading provider of Oracle database management software announces the release of the new version 16.

Highlights of version 16 are:
• The user interface eliminates double or thick borders, extra outlines, and other visual noise. The optional Light Style rendering mode enables extra cell paddings for a better user experience.

• Secure direct TCP/IP connections for example for Orcale Cloud Connections

• Our new ORDS page provides a clear representation of ORDS modules, templates, handlers, privileges, roles and much more. This greatly simplifies the management and configuration of ORDS schemas. For more information read our ORDS and its usage in version 16, KeepTool has written a highly blog post worth reading: Configuring and Testing Oracle REST Data Services.

• The new flat detail data browser allows users to browse all sub-detail data of a master table.

• Users can now create bulk insert scripts that execute faster than traditional insert scripts.

The new version brings many more innovative features to improve productivity and performance. The full list of new features is in the latest release notes.

“KeepTool 16 is an important milestone in our commitment to deliver state-of-the-art database tools,” said Rolf Grünewald, CEO and founder of KeepTool. “With a wide range of new features, we are confident that KeepTool 16 will enable Oracle database administrators, developers and end users to leverage their systems with outstanding efficiency and security.”

KeepTool 16 is available now and provides Oracle database users with a powerful suite of tools and features to streamline their work and manage their databases more effectively.

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