News Butterfly To Launch a Multi language News App

Enjoy A Joyous Journey with News Butterfly

News Butterfly is a A Joyous Journey To World News”

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NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2023/ — To Launch a Multi language News App .

News Butterfly is a user friendly News / Content aggregator in a dynamic and futuristic market ,which revolves around aggregating and curating very selective news content, articles, blog posts ,videos and other forms of multi media from a very wide range of sources, such as: very reputable global online news papers / news organizations ,magazines ,blogs ,social media & TV networks ” said project engineer S. Siddique.

News Butterfly niche are categories such as : Women Based Issues, Women Empowerment, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Fashion, Celebrities, Teens, Youth, Shopping, Health, Tech, Business, AI, US News, World News and several others. In each category, stories are listed with a headline and pictures, and the user can scroll down to view more stories. Said spokesperson Barbara.

We Must Meet LLC is to soon launch a unique multi purpose Pay- Per -View Multiplex. Just like ‘AMC ‘ are exhibitors controlling and operating a chain of brick and mortar Multiplexes , ‘Cinema on Web’ are USA based exhibitors, and will be controlling and operating a chain of Virtual Multiplexes globally ,where film Production Studios & Web Based content owners can release and stream their new movies ,Web Series & OTT Content”. Said Rahil Manji -the global head co -ordinator of We Must Meet LLC Projects.

For the unversed -We Must Meet LLC , the backers of News Butterfly have also successfully launched -a unique multi purpose Video Conferencing cum Webinar platform ,which transcends the border of regular video conferencing towards hosting and streaming large events like Interviews , Concerts, Seminars, Political Rallies, Town Halls ,and Fund Raisers”.Said co -founder Ish Patil

We Must Meet LLC
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