Pioneering Global Expansion for Indian SMEs
Pioneering Global Expansion for Indian SMEs

Meet IndiaShopping Empowering Indian SMEs Worldwide for Growth and Success

AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, INDIA, October 30, 2023 / —, an innovative startup headquartered in Fremont, California, is spearheading a transformation in the way Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in India access global markets. With a dedicated mission to empower these businesses and provide them with seamless access to international markets, Rezili Assist is creating an innovative ecosystem for Indian entrepreneurs.

Meet Rahul Bhatt, a visionary entrepreneur originally from the quaint town of Jaora, India. With a rich background spanning over two decades in building diverse tech companies, Rahul Bhatt’s journey has taken a profound turn. He now feels a moral obligation to uplift SMEs, offering them unparalleled opportunities on the global stage. Rahul spent the majority of his professional life in the San Francisco Bay Area.

IndiaShopping is not just another startup; it serves as a lifeline for over 200 small businesses across Indore, Ratlam, Ujjain, Ajmer, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad. Rahul Bhatt, the mastermind behind this endeavor, passionately expresses, “I’ve spent over 13 years in the USA, and I’ve witnessed the challenges that NRIs face in finding a platform that truly caters to their needs. Similarly, SMEs, the unsung heroes of the business world, often work tirelessly to create remarkable products but remain unnoticed. These products are inherently regional, and expanding beyond local boundaries demands exceptional motivation. This opens up entirely new markets for these SMEs, providing them access to untouched opportunities. With approximately 6.33 lakh SMEs in India, nearly 50% of them are consumer-focused, highlighting the immense potential for market and product innovation.”

Rahul goes on to share his own sentiments, “When I think about ordering products from India, it’s a nostalgic journey close to my heart. However, it’s also incredibly complex. Even within one city, it’s challenging to discern which inventory offers the finest products. It feels like I’m distant and treated unfairly. Simultaneously, as a small business owner, you can open an account with platforms like Amazon or Etsy, but they lack the personal touch and guidance necessary to boost your business.”

IndiaShopping has effectively addressed these challenges by designing a meticulously planned approach for SMEs that streamlines the onboarding process and ensures initial orders. Rahul emphasizes, “Our approach is to facilitate effortless growth. Once businesses come on board, their expertise and product quality work their magic. We even handle international shipping, with a primary focus on NRIs who yearn for the taste of India while residing abroad.”

Rahul and the IndiaShopping team are dedicated to expanding their platform to include even more SMEs. “Our objective is to reach a broader global audience and make it a no-brainer for SMEs to access international markets. We are the guiding partners for SMEs seeking to scale their operations and gain greater visibility on the global stage,” Rahul adds.

IndiaShopping is poised to revolutionize the SME sector in India, ensuring that businesses can flourish and expand globally, while also bringing the flavors of India to NRIs worldwide. With their unwavering commitment to facilitating international expansion, Rezili Assist is set to become a game-changer in the Indian business landscape.

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