PROVEX and BlackRock 2024 Financial Association Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Trading in India

BlackRock 2024 Financial Association Chooses PROVEX as Its Trading Platform in India for Unmatched Stability and Security

INDIA, MUMBAI, February 20, 2024 / — In a landmark collaboration that signifies a mutual commitment to redefine financial trading in India, PROVEX Fintech Limited and BlackRock 2024 Financial Association today announced their strategic partnership. This alliance positions PROVEX as the chosen trading platform for BlackRock in India, highlighting the platform’s unparalleled stability and security.

Since its founding, BlackRock has led the charge in financial management, becoming a global powerhouse with a focus on emerging markets and cutting-edge technology. The decision to partner with PROVEX in 2024 marks a significant pivot towards the Indian market, aiming to capitalize on its economic growth and dynamic market conditions.

The partnership with PROVEX is a cornerstone of BlackRock’s strategy to deepen its market engagement in India. Known for its robust security measures and intuitive interface, PROVEX’s trading platform aligns perfectly with BlackRock’s mission to deliver efficient and innovative financial technology solutions to its clients. This collaboration not only leverages PROVEX’s technological expertise but also reaffirms BlackRock’s dedication to providing superior financial services tailored to the Indian market’s unique requirements.

A BlackRock spokesperson expressed the strategic importance of this collaboration: “Selecting PROVEX as our trading platform in India is a pivotal move in our global investment strategy. PROVEX’s esteemed stability and security perfectly complement our values of integrity, transparency, and professionalism. Through this partnership, we aim to significantly enhance our service offerings in India, ensuring our clients have access to secure, cutting-edge, and efficient trading solutions.”

This announcement was made during the BlackRock 2024 Financial Association event, an initiative that spotlights the Indian market in collaboration with CNBC. The event featured insights from BlackRock’s Chief Investment Officer, Omkar Rameshchandra Bhutada, who shared his expertise on investment strategies and the outlook for India’s market. This event is part of BlackRock’s broader strategy to emphasize the Indian market’s significance and showcase its commitment to providing high-quality financial education and investment guidance.

As BlackRock continues to expand its global presence, particularly in emerging markets, this partnership with PROVEX Fintech Limited is a testament to its forward-thinking approach and dedication to employing the latest technologies for the benefit of its clients. This collaboration not only solidifies BlackRock’s leadership in the global financial industry but also sets a new benchmark for financial services in India.

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Established in 2018, PROVEX Fintech Limited has rapidly become a frontrunner in the fintech sector, offering a secure, innovative, and user-friendly trading platform. Catering to a broad spectrum of investors, from novices to experts, PROVEX is committed to enhancing the global trading experience through a focus on security and technological innovation.

Disclaimer: This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding future expectations, plans, and prospects of the PROVEX and BlackRock 2024 Financial Association partnership, including potential product offerings and benefits. These statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated.

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