Salgenx Unveils a Grid-Scale Battery Capable of Also Functioning as a Materials Manufacturing Facility

Salgenx S3000 Salt Water Battery Energy System

Salgenx has made a significant breakthrough of a grid-scale battery that doubles as materials processing center.

MADISON, WISCONSIN, USA, December 20, 2023 / — Salgenx, a leading innovator in energy storage solutions, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking grid-scale saltwater flow battery, which can simultaneously function as a materials processing center. This revolutionary battery stands out in the energy sector for its versatility and efficiency, offering a range of functions that are unprecedented in the industry.

Key Features of the Salgenx Saltwater Flow Battery:

• Grid-Scale Power Storage: Designed to meet the demands of modern energy grids, this battery efficiently stores large-scale power, ensuring stability and reliability in energy supply.

• Thermal Energy Storage: It has the capability to store thermal energy, providing a sustainable solution for heating and cooling needs.

• Desalination of Seawater: This innovative battery can desalinate seawater, offering a potential solution to water scarcity challenges around the globe.

• Lithium Harvesting and Refinement: It uniquely harvests and refines lithium from brine, positioning itself as a key player in the sustainable extraction of lithium for various industries.

• Graphene Production Through Exfoliation: The battery is capable of exfoliating graphite into graphene by intercalating sodium, contributing to advancements in materials science.

• AI-Tunable Logic for Selectable Revenue Processes: Employing advanced AI technology, the battery can perform selectable revenue processes based on the highest revenue generation on-demand, marking a significant leap in intelligent energy management.

Versatility While Charging:

What sets the Salgenx saltwater flow battery apart is its ability to perform these functions while charging, maximizing efficiency and utility. The battery is well suited for solar PV, grid, and wind energy.

Massive Manufacturing Tax Credits:

Substantial manufacturing tax credits of $35/kWh are available, signaling strong government support for sustainable and versatile energy solutions.

About Salgenx and Infinity Turbine LLC

Salgenx, in strategic collaboration with Infinity Turbine LLC, stands at the cutting edge of transformative solutions, showcasing a commitment to excellence and innovation through grid-scale saltwater battery energy storage, destined to set unparalleled standards in manufacturing and battery technology.

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