Tax Expert, Peter Diamond, Launches Thriving YouTube Channel To Share Tips For Tax, Real Estate, BANKABILITY & Structure
Tax Expert, Peter Diamond, Launches Thriving YouTube Channel To Share Tips For Tax, Real Estate, BANKABILITY & Structure

Peter Diamond: The CFO who can transform time into business success

Peter Diamond: Mastering the Art of Unlocking Time and Financial Freedom

“Empowering Financial and Time Freedom: Learn from the Best in CFO, Tax and Real Estate”

Every moment counts, and we must not only plan for today but also lay the groundwork for our future generations through proper structure and BANKABILITY”

— Peter Diamond

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA, April 26, 2024 / — Peter Diamond, a leading authority in tax, CFO, BANKABILITY® and real estate structure, proudly announces the successful launch of his YouTube channel, Mr. Livin’ The Dream – Launched just three months ago, the channel has captured the attention of a diverse audience eager to learn from a seasoned expert. Peter’s initiative reflects his passion for empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary for not only financial success but time freedom which Peter Diamond values over money.

Known online and personally as Mr. Livin’ The Dream, Peter Diamond has crafted a channel that stands as a beacon for those aspiring to master the concept of BANKABILITY®, TAX, Real Estate, and Structure. Each video is packed with actionable advice drawn from Peter’s extensive career as a CFO and tax expert, where he has consistently demonstrated his ability to enhance asset value and expand financial opportunities for his clients mainly with self-compounding cash flowing assets like residential real estate.

At the core of Peter’s educational outreach is The Diamond Wealth Real Estate System, an innovative approach to real estate investment that Peter himself developed. Out of necessity, Peter Diamond AKA Mr. Livin’ The Dream created the best way to enter the real estate game “The Diamond Wealth Real Estate System”. What initially started as a hedge to his tax, accounting, CFO and consulting firm is such a successful business that it is outperforming his firm. Peter is a product of the traditional educational and work system where going to school and getting a job was the norm and what was perceived as the ‘dream’. However, after years of sleeping on the floor, Peter got tired of constantly trading his valuable time or access in order to make money. Peter knew that investing time, energy and efforts behind self-compounding cash flowing assets like residential real estate is the way to true time and financial freedom and a way to break free from the golden handcuffs. Recognized globally as a superior method for entering the real estate market, this system skillfully reduces initial investment costs while simultaneously maximizing returns on equity and cash flow. This unique strategy is just one example of how Peter’s teachings provide both novice and experienced investors with the means to achieve substantial financial growth with one main goal in mind – live the dream today while also planning for generational wealth for tomorrow.

Peter’s philosophy goes beyond mere financial gain. He emphasizes the priceless value of time, advocating for a lifestyle that balances achieving dreams today with securing lasting wealth for future generations. His channel encourages viewers to seize life’s opportunities without delay, using strategic financial planning as a tool to enhance life’s quality and longevity.

“Time waits for no one, and it’s essential we use it wisely, enjoying life while also preparing for our descendants’ prosperity and financial security,” Peter explains. “Through ‘Mr. Livin’ The Dream,’ I aim to strip away the complexities of financial planning, making it accessible and engaging for everyone. This channel is for everyone who believes in transforming their financial dreams into reality and thinking outside of the box of the traditional system.”

Since its launch, the channel has seen rapid growth, attracting subscribers from all walks of life. Peter’s direct and insightful approach to financial education has resonated with a broad audience, proving invaluable for those seeking to improve their financial literacy and investment skills.

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