The Latest Range of Bombax Miners is Now Available For Order on Asic Marketplace
The Latest Range of Bombax Miners is Now Available For Order on Asic Marketplace

Bombax Miners are now on Asic Marketplace! Get the newest models for advanced crypto mining performance and efficiency.

HUNG HOM, HONG KONG, May 18, 2024 / — The brand-new Bombax Miners line, which includes the recently released Bombax EZ100 and Bombax EC100-C models, is stocked and ready for order on Asic Marketplace, an authorized online reseller of ASIC mining hardware.

Bombax miners are well-known for their quick processing technology, which optimizes the outcomes due to semiconductor innovation that is rapidly changing the entire cryptocurrency mining market. The two most reliable miners that it has introduced are EZ100 and EZ100-C.

The standard model that Bombax released, the EZ100, has a hash rate of 12500 Megahashes (Mh/s) and uses 2300 Watts (W) of power. It appears to be the most effective model, employed with ETZ+ZIL dual mining, upholding the high standards of mining and confidently providing excellent quality assurance.

Other than the base model, it has one more range in the collection which is Bombax EZ100-C. The miner comes with two modes which are the normal mode and the eco mode. It offers a hash rate of 3200 Megahashes (Mh/s) on consuming 570 Watts (W) Of power when in normal mode and when it is switched to the eco mode, the model offers a hash rate of 2700 mh/s on a power consumption rate of 350 Watts. The Bombax EZ100-C comes with the 3D framework offering great protection to the miner, making it a cozy edition.

Both the miners come in a compact design, pointing to the miner’s flexibility to make the most out of its space utilization feature and low noise levels, making it a great value choice for miners who want to mine from home or relocate it without having to compromise on the performance part. Along with the greater efficiency ratio the Bombax miners also offer greater sustainability and lower operational costs, making it an excruciating choice for the miners who are on the go to mine ETChash.

Asic marketplace’s stance in opening orders for these groundbreaking miners is worth praising because ETChash miners have been evidently searching for a viable option for a long time and now they can finally get their hands on this remarkable range by Bombax for making their ETChash mining venture a profitable one.

In Conclusion, Asic Marketplace’s collaboration with the Bombax miners to make the exclusive range of Bombax EZ100 and Bombax EZ100-C miners can transform the entire industry making ETC-ZIL mining a profitable venture. It is safer to say that these models are now in the mining game with greater efficiency levels, remarkable outputs and maximized profits to boost the crypto mining sector with unprecedented rates.

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