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Ankit Sharma, Founder – Smartup Solutions

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, July 19, 2023/ — Ankit Sharma has emerged as an influential force in shaping the business landscape, with an eye toward sparking innovation, supporting entrepreneurs, and building a sustainable future. Mr. Sharma’s strategic investments and dedication to social entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices has received widespread acclaim and established him as one of the foremost figures when it comes to impactful investments.

Mr. Sharma takes an entrepreneurial and visionary approach, actively searching for ventures that combine innovation with positive social impact – showing that profitability and positive change can go hand in hand. Prioritizing social entrepreneurship, he provides support for those using business to address pressing social or environmental problems while catalyzing purpose-driven businesses to drive economic expansion and foster global progress. Through his investments, Mr. Sharma catalyzes growth of these ventures that in turn create a better world.

Mr. Sharma acknowledges the critical need for sustainable business practices to preserve our planet for future generations, championing eco-conscious solutions to support startups that prioritize sustainability in their operations. From renewable energy production, waste management and eco-friendly manufacturing ventures, Mr. Sharma actively invests in ventures which combine profit with long-term environmental stewardship – investing beyond financial gains towards creating a more sustainable future by investing in businesses which prioritize environmental responsibility.

Ankit Sharma’s influence and impact go beyond financial assistance. He actively engages with organizations and initiatives dedicated to social entrepreneurship and sustainable practices. His thought leadership and expertise make him a sought-after speaker at industry conferences and forums where he shares insights and encourages others to embrace business as an agent of transformational change.

Mr. Sharma is also an advocate for collaboration and partnership building. He regularly seeks out relationships between corporations, governments, non-profit organizations, and non-governmental agencies in order to foster an environment conducive to social entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices. By joining forces with diverse stakeholders he hopes to address global challenges collectively thereby driving meaningful change at an increased scale.

Ankit Sharma takes great pride in his dedication to mentorship and guidance for startups he invests in, using his network and expertise to offer comprehensive assistance to these startup ventures. By giving entrepreneurs access to mentorship resources that equip them for success in their respective industries.

Ankit Sharma’s work in sparking innovation, empowering entrepreneurs, and shaping sustainable futures can be found by visiting his LinkedIn profile at For additional details regarding his investments and initiatives, please visit

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