Cabo Luxury Villa Rentals & Concierge Expands Unique Excursions With Purposeful Travel Booming in Baja California Sur, México
Travel experiences are being reimagined, from completing a fun bucket list goal or learning a new skill. Purposeful travel is moving away from crowded and artificial destinations to those that offer a true connection. In response, Cabo Luxury is now aiding guests to explore this way by integrating new experiences into their travels, to make them truly unforgettable and authentic.

Exploring the seas of Los Cabos, Mexico

Scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico - October 20, 2022 - (

The past two years of travel and human interaction restrictions have encouraged people to take a good look at their lives and the things on which they spend their time and money, so Cabo Luxury Villas & Concierge has recently launched additional unique, local activities and excursions tailored to these travelers. "We have noticed a shift, seeing fewer and fewer people settling for commonplace vacation activities. Consumers are pursuing more authentic experiences with expert local guides, distancing themselves from mainstream tourism providers and venturing into private tours that feel more meaningful," said Becca Meyer, Brand Director of Cabo Luxury and travel industry veteran.

Brian Nixon, CEO and Founder of Cabo Luxury, calls purposeful travel "a response to the pandemic, but also to decades of over-consumption and over-tourism. Travelers, local and international, are now wanting to spend money on trips and experiences that count. They would rather pay for vacations that are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Travel budgets are higher and travelers are booking longer trips and spending more on private, exclusive, luxurious accommodations where they can get serenity and solitude with their family and friends to escape the masses."

The Concierge Team with Cabo Luxury has noticed this increase with adventurous travel, where travelers aim to do something a little out of the ordinary like a camel safari, swimming with whale sharks, or learning to scuba dive, has increased dramatically, so in response, their offering in these arenas has expanded. Guests are craving getting out of their comfort zone, connecting with nature, trying new things and taking some intentional risks. Family reunions and reconnections have become really important as well. Covid has kept many loved ones apart for a long time, and they are seeing families in different parts of the world making up for the lost time by traveling and adventuring together.

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Cabo Luxury has been curating one-of-a-kind getaways in their collection of luxury villas located in Los Cabos, México for over a decade. They take care of planning every detail of your trip, from beginning to end. Because their team lives in Los Cabos year-round, they have the inside scoop on all the hidden gems the region has to offer, which they can't wait to share with you! To keep up with everything Cabo Luxury, follow the brand on Instagram @cabo_luxury and Facebook @thecaboluxury, or visit

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