ClearCOGS Introduces Restaurant Copilot for the Hospitality Industry
With the launch of Restaurant Copilot, ClearCOGS continues to lead the AI revolution within the restaurant industry.


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ClearCOGS, a leader in the field of AI technology for the restaurant industry, is delighted to announce their groundbreaking Restaurant Copilot. This industry-first system harnesses the immense power of AIOps, giving restaurant operators unprecedented control over their operational efficiency and profitability.

With the launch of Restaurant Copilot, ClearCOGS continues to lead the AI revolution within the restaurant industry. This intuitive and powerful tool blends the sophistication of AI and the innovative capabilities of large language models to forecast and answer operational questions in real-time, thereby systematically enhancing restaurant operations.

Restaurant Copilot seamlessly integrates with a restaurant's existing operations, creating an omnipresent virtual assistant that utilizes vast amounts of operational data to make informed, data-driven decisions. It alleviates the stress of day-to-day operational decisions, allowing restaurant operators to focus on what truly matters - serving delicious food and ensuring guest satisfaction.

"Our vision with the Restaurant Copilot is to democratize the power of AIOps, placing it into the hands of restaurant operators regardless of their size or operational complexity," said Matt Wampler, the CEO of ClearCOGS. "We're revolutionizing the way restaurant operations are managed, making it easier, more efficient, and ultimately, more profitable."

Restaurant operators can use the Restaurant Copilot to ask specific, context-driven questions such as "What are my top-selling items this week?" or "What's the chance I'm going to run out of chicken today?" With just a simple text-based query, operators can get real-time answers, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly and confidently.

ClearCOGS continues to be at the forefront of technological innovation in the restaurant industry. Their solutions are designed with restaurant operators in mind, offering a suite of powerful tools that simplify operations, increase profitability, and provide actionable insights based on advanced data analysis.

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Matt Wampler
CEO & Co-Founder
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