Florida-Based Across Oceans Group to Bring Sonihull’s Environmentally Conscious Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling Technology to the Cruise Ship & Expedition Ship Operators
Celebrity Flora, an expedition cruise ship, will be equipped with Sonihull ultrasonic controls to protect the vessel.

Celebrity Flora is an expedition cruise ship

Celebrity Flora is an expedition cruise ship operated by Islas Gal\u00e1pagos Turismo y Vapores C.A., a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Group, and exclusively sails along the Gal\u00e1pagos Islands. Launched: Jan. 29, 2019. Length: 333\u2032

Across Oceans Group, Inc. announced a partnership with UK-based Sonihull. The partnership brings Sonihull's range of Eco-Friendly Ultrasonic Anti-fouling Technology to the Global Cruise industry, Commercial Shipping and Offshore. AOG's collaboration with Sonihull provides biologically safe and cost-effective environmental solutions to the Cruise Industry. Sonihull's eco-friendly technology can sharply reduce and even eliminate the negative impact of harsh chemicals currently used for anti-fouling purposes.

Vlasis Arapoglou, Fleet Technical Operations, Celebrity Cruises, said, "Celebrity Flora will be equipped with a Sonihull ultrasonic control box that will serve and protect the box coolers system. After verification of the satisfactory operation and positive results, we can expand to other areas of the vessel. Other areas to protect are HVAC, Bow Thrusters, Propulsion, Hull, and Plate Coolers."

Across Oceans Group was established in Florida in 2007, and is globally recognized as a leading provider of Products and Services to the Global Marine, Offshore and Cruise Ship Industry. AOG's comprehensive portfolio, and expertise in cruise industry, maritime industry supplier, and strong business partnerships accelerate Sonihull's reach. Douglas Diggle, founder, said, "Our partnership with Sonihull builds on AOG's existing capabilities as one of the leading suppliers to Global Cruise. Through our existing network, we are well positioned to providing environmentally conscious clients and businesses access to revolutionary technologies and advance sustainable anti-fouling solutions supplied by Sonihull." www.acrossoceansgroup.com

Sonihull: UK-based company that produces Ultrasonic Anti-fouling Systems. Sonihull provides environmentally friendly solutions to all Marine-Based Industries. Its products protect all machine structures that are exposed to seawater without the use of harsh chemicals that could be harmful to machinery and marine life. Marcel Botha, Director, said, "The new alliance is an exciting opportunity for the company to grow its international footprint. Sonihull's eco-friendly anti-fouling solutions have the potential to be a game changer. With zero environmental impact, Sonihull can help protect marine life by providing long-term sustainable solutions to unwanted marine biofouling." www.sonihull.com

  • Fouling organisms on the hull create drag, leading to increased fuel consumption and reduced speed. By preventing the growth of these organisms, Sonihull helps maintain the hull's cleanliness, resulting in improved hydrodynamics and increased vessel efficiency. This leads to fuel savings and reduced carbon emissions.
  • As Sonihull promotes better vessel efficiency, it indirectly contributes to reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By minimizing fuel consumption, ships equipped with Sonihull can help mitigate their environmental impact by emitting fewer pollutants.
  • Marine biofouling is a major vector for the transportation of invasive species across oceans. These species can have detrimental effects on local ecosystems and biodiversity.
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Original Source: Florida-Based Across Oceans Group to Bring Sonihull's Environmentally Conscious Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling Technology to the Cruise Ship & Expedition Ship Operators
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