Mars Players™ Develops E-Core Equipment to Fulfill Outside-the-RV Needs

The outdoor equipment enterprise Mars Players™ has launched an electric outdoor gear named The One, and announced a worldwide collaboration with RV communities, campgrounds owners, and other brands associated with outdoor living.

According to their CEO, Leo Li, their goal is to assist customers in experiencing the great outdoors and appreciating nature by using their E-core equipment. The letter 'E' denotes electrify, eco-friendly, and elegant, which aligns with the company's focus on sustainability and style.

Recreational Vehicles have grown in popularity as a mode of transportation for road trips and vacations. It is almost a mobile house with basic amenities that allow individuals to live off the grid, work remotely and enjoy the wildness anytime. However, RV living has the disadvantage of limited interior space. Whether one owns a large fifth wheel or a Class C camper van, downsizing is necessary when living in an RV. 

The company believes using outdoor space provides more activities and enjoyment. An inclusive RV companion with modules for cooking, a far infrared heater, lighting, and more is perfect for RV living. The One launched in February 2023, is designed to meet various needs outside the RV.

#1 Gather a New Acquaintance for Supper
Cooking outside the RV and appreciating the wilder nature are two fascinating points. If someone happens to meet someone on the same wavelength or with similar sporting interests at the campsite, Mars Players™ The One is there for socializing and preparing fancy dinners next to the RV.

In seconds, The One transforms into a three-winged, compact cooking station. Three folding panels extend to produce a solid cooking and heating surface. It simplifies outdoor cooking by rapidly boiling freshly brewed coffee, as well as grilling beautiful sausages on the grilling module. With the condensing module, cheese and butter can stay chilled even in summer. 

#2 Keep Toasty While Outside the RV.
When the far-infrared heating system in The One is turned on, it is possible to continue enjoying the outdoors even when the temperature drops below freezing. People can do all sorts of jobs from the picnic table next to the RV and keep warm.

Thanks to Red-X technology, the far-infrared heating radiator heats up right away and keeps heat from escaping into the air, so it uses less power and heats up with 98.4% ultra-high thermal efficiency.

#3 Light up the corner out of the RV.
With two LED lights embedded in The One, its adjustable wings allow people to illuminate the corners they want. Even if someone has to work on RV repairs and maintenance after dark, adjust the height of the gear, and lighten the area up. The One's built-in ultrasonic insect repellent protects from bugs and annoying insects. 

CEO of Mars Players™, Leo, said that the company is pursuing worldwide partnerships for collaborative camping or festival events, where resource-sharing, cooperation, and open communication generate synergistic benefits.

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Marketing Manager
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Original Source: Mars Players™ Develops E-Core Equipment to Fulfill Outside-the-RV Needs
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