NAT G Announces Dual Fuel Program to Reduce Carbon Footprint for Class 7/8 Trucks
CNG/RNG Dual Fuel Conversions for Trucks Reduce Diesel Consumption

Nat G CNG Solutions has launched an initiative that enables operators of diesel-powered Class 7/8 trucks to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the consumption of diesel fuel — displacing it (up to 60%) with CNG/RNG fuel. The initiative includes converting existing diesel fleet trucks and installing fueling systems as well as working with CNG/RNG suppliers to optimize fleet use of natural gas. Nat G will be available to meet at the 2023 Advanced Clean Transportation Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center this week, May 1-3, 2023.

Dual Fuel diesel/CNG-RNG systems for Class 7/8 trucks offer key advantages over diesel-only:

  1. Natural Gas is a domestically produced alternative fuel that reduces our dependence on foreign oil sources that are impacted by world economic and political instability.
  2. Reduces fleet operating costs since CNG costs less than diesel.
  3. Enables fleet operators to take advantage of alternative fuel incentives offered by state/federal programs.
  4. Can extend the range of long-haul Class 7/8 Trucks by adding fuel capacity.
  5. The comprehensive Nat G program includes both vehicle Dual Fuel and CNG fueling infrastructure to support Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives that an increasing number of fleets are focusing on.
  6. Reduces the carbon footprint of today's fleet trucks, especially by the use of RNG. No need to wait for battery-powered technology that is likely years out for Class 7/8 long haul trucks. 

"Extremely limited availability of 'clean diesel' and expensive battery-powered class 7/8 trucks (@2-3 times the cost of diesel) that cannot meet long haul requirements means fleet operators must continue to operate diesel-powered trucks," observed Dudley Westlake, Nat G Vice President of Sales.   "Nat G has partnered with leading Dual Fuel system makers to offer systems for a wide range of Class 7/8 trucks," Dennis Foose, Nat G CEO, added. 

About Nat G

Nat G has more than 15 years of experience offering fleet customers the best available alternative fuel systems for trucks of all classes and applications. Nat G is a Hexagon Agility ASP (approved service provider). Our Vehicle Conversion Center is a fully licensed and Ford Factory Qualified Vehicle Modifier with CNG and propane-certified technicians, CSA-qualified cylinder inspectors, ASE-certified mechanics, and the expertise each fleet needs to make the transition to clean, cost-effective natural gas and propane. We now offer natural gas and propane Monofuel, Bifuel and Dual Fuel vehicle conversions. Nat G® also has experience building large and small public and private CNG refueling facilities. 


Dudley Westlake

Nat G CNG Solutions

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Dudley Westlake
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