PIE Wine Introduces Carbonated RTD Wine to Pair With Pizza
'The Greatest Thing to Happen to Pizza Since the Pepperoni': Lightly Carbonated Delicious Wines Crafted From the Finest California-Grown Grapes

Pizza is and always has been the official food of good times and good friends. Born in Italy, perfected in California, PIE Wine introduces pizza's new side piece. Finally, pizza now has an official drink, sweet and slightly sparkling wine available in three flavors: Sweet White / Sweet Za is a modern twist on a traditional sparkling White; Red Wine / World Famous Red is the "perfect drink," blended with some of Central California's most flavorful grapes, it pairs perfectly with all pizzas and brings pepperoni and sausage slices to the next level; and White Wine / Classic Crisp Dry White has a subtle sweetness balanced with a slight acidity and pairs perfectly with white pizzas, garlic breadsticks, salads, and spring/summer.

PIE Wine is an easy-drinking, canned wine crafted specifically to pair with pizza. This is not just a wine; it's a movement for pizza lovers everywhere. This is the OG Pizza Wine set to redefine the pizza dining experience. 

PIE Wine was founded by Kevin Klein, Josh Green, and Warren Ezra — a powerhouse team of uniquely talented and experienced individuals. To them, PIE Wine is more than just a beverage — it's a testament to their passion to create the perfect beverage to pair with the world's favorite food: pizza. See more of their story on "Shark Tank" on Sept. 29, 2023, on ABC and Hulu.

Kevin Klein, a nationally syndicated radio host on The World Famous KROQ in Los Angeles brings not only his face to the brand but also his vast network of celebrities, comedians, athletes, and influencers to ensure PIE Wine is always in the spotlight.

Warren Ezra, CEO of PIE Wine, said, “With over 25 years in the CPG and beverage industry, I instantly recognized the potential of PIE Wine. It's everything I expected and more. PIE Wine is on the path to becoming a household name, both nationally and internationally.” 

Barstool Sports proudly collaborates with PIE Wine, ensuring the brand resonates with both pizza and sports enthusiasts. Tony Gemignani, the industry's leading pizza spokesperson and multi-time world champion pizza maker, has also joined the PIE Wine team. He shares, “I have seen firsthand how much the pizza industry has embraced PIE Wine. I, too, love PIE Wine, both as an owner/operator and as a lifelong pizza fan. Having known the industry for nearly 35 years, I can confidently say PIE is the real deal.”

PIE Wine has teamed up with C.A. Fortune, the big kahuna of sales agencies in North America. By Q2 2024, the company is aiming to be in 40 states. So, whether pizza lovers are in New York or New Mexico, PIE Wine's coming to a shelf nearby soon.

About C.A. Fortune. Originally founded in 1983 and subsequently expanded under current ownership, C.A. Fortune has grown into a leading, privately held, full-service consumer brands agency. With nationwide coverage, the company offers clients a comprehensive solution — including sales management, a sales accelerator, marketing and branding, insights, retail activation, and digital and e-commerce services. C.A. Fortune is headquartered in Chicago and has regional offices across the country. 

PIE Wine has also partnered with NewLine Beverage, an alcohol sales and marketing group focused on scaling brands to the national stage through retail chains and distribution expansion in the three-tier system. www.newlinebeverage.com 

With the amazing team at www.brandvault360.com, the company is set up for success. Brand Vault 360˚ is the ultimate partner for the PIE Wine brand's success. Its team provides comprehensive, end-to-end services from ideation to exit. With over 100 years of CPG experience, Brand Vault 360˚ brings a unique entrepreneurial approach and a proven track record of success. 

For more details or to contact PIE Wine, check out our website www.piewine.com.

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