WrkSpot’s Innovative Hotel Management Platform Hits Milestone
With Fairfield Inn signing, WrkSpot now supports hotels from coast to coast, providing hotel owners, managers and staff with complete visibility and controls across all areas of operation.

WrkSpot announced today the signing of the 100th customer with the company’s innovative hotel management platform. WrkSpot is a leading-edge hospitality technology company, providing hotels with a better way to manage and connect people, processes and properties. 

The 100th customer, Fairfield Inn and Suites in Columbus, Ohio, decided to integrate the WrkSpot platform into their hotel operation for two key areas of support – HR management and panic & safety. "In prioritizing the safety of our employees and recognizing the need for a panic solution, the WrkSpot solution emerged as the most comprehensive and cost-effective choice," says Alan Hardway, VP of Operations. "The Human Resource and Housekeeping modules will improve visibility and accountability, ultimately saving us both time and money."

Launched in 2017, WrkSpot has continued an exemplary rate of growth coming out of the pandemic, working with hotel properties in all industry segments across the US. The 100th property is a pivotal milestone in the company’s growth – which now supports hotels from coast to coast, both full and limited-service locations. The WrkSpot platform seamlessly integrates with multiple PM systems, allowing individual and multi-unit hotel owners, managers and staff complete visibility and extensive controls within all areas of hotel operations.   

“We are so thrilled to have activated our 100th customer this past month,” says Brent McMahan, Head of Strategy & Growth at WrkSpot. “Hotels are seeing the value of our product and what makes WrkSpot different - the breadth of platform features and its customizable solutions. Many companies offer parts of what we do, but nobody else offers a complete solution.” 

Key features of WrkSpot include multi-property visibility, activity monitoring for staff, tasks and performance, top-level controls for maintenance, cleaning and HR, budget and scheduling management, as well as panic solution software for end-to-end hotel safety.   

About WrkSpot     

Founded in 2017, WrkSpot is the developer of a revolutionary software suite for hotel portfolio management that integrates HRIS, operations management, and communication in a single app. By managing and engaging staff, controlling costs, streamlining operations, and improving compliance and safety, WrkSpot optimizes hotel operations. To learn more about WrkSpot, visit wrkspot.com.   

Contact Information:
Brent McMahan
Head of Strategy & Growth
[email protected]

Maria Penaloza
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