LightSail 2’s legacy lives on

Apollo 8 commander Frank Borman passed away on November 7 at age 95. In 1965, Borman spent 14 days in space aboard the Gemini 7 mission, completing the first rendezvous with another spacecraft. Then, in 1968, he led a team of astronauts who became the first people to orbit the Moon. “Frank knew the power exploration held in uniting humanity when he said, ‘Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit,’” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson in a statement. “His service to NASA and our nation will undoubtedly fuel the Artemis Generation to reach new cosmic shores.”


NASA is temporarily pausing on communications with its Martian robots. The space agency said it’ll hold off on sending commands to its fleet on the red planet due to a solar conjunction — an occurrence in which the Earth and Mars are on opposite sides of the Sun. According to NASA, “hot, ionized gas expelled from the Sun’s corona” could cause disruptions in messages sent from Earth to Mars. NASA might not be able to resume communications until November 25, but the Martian fleet will still be hard at work carrying out various tasks.


NASA invites you to “space out” on its new streaming service, NASA+. The ad-free, subscription-free streaming service will air rocket launches, animated children’s content, documentaries, and more. You can check it out on the NASA App, available on iOS and Android.

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