MoneySmarts Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Raise  Million for Expanding Financial Education Initiatives

Come join the financial revolution and learn how to avoid or get out of any financial pitfall

Dan Kost the founder of Money Smarts LLC and Dakdan worldwide brings new financial innovation in an AI gaming platform

Dan Kost founder of Dakdan Worldwide

$2 Million for Expanding Financial Education Initiatives

It’s time for the world to change when it comes to credit and finance we never really learned it in school so now let’s learn it with AI technology”

— Dan Kost, Founder

SEVERANCE, CO, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2023 / — Dan Kost, the founder and CEO of MoneySmarts, has launched a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising $2 million to further enhance financial education and empower individuals worldwide.

The funds will primarily be allocated to the development of a new Mobile, windows, and online course on personal finance and the translation of the MoneySmarts website and educational materials into multiple languages.

“It’s more than just a game; it’s an interactive financial literacy program that immerses you in real-life situations. Whether you’re dealing with credit problems, bankruptcy, securing a mortgage, paying off student debt, inspecting a home, or navigating any other real-world scenario, we’ve gathered insights from hundreds of thousands of money pitfalls. Each challenge is met with a practical, real-life solution, all within the framework of a 3D artificial intelligence game platform.”

Breakdown of Funding Allocation:

1. Development of New Online Course on Personal Finance: $1,000,000.00 The largest portion of the funds will be dedicated to creating an innovative online course focused on personal finance. This course will provide individuals with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to manage their finances effectively.

2. Translation of MoneySmarts Website and Educational Materials: $500,000.00 A substantial portion of the funds will be allocated to translating the MoneySmarts website and educational materials into multiple languages, ensuring that financial education is accessible to a global audience.

3. Marketing and Promotion: $500,000.00 A portion of the funds will be utilized to market and promote the new online course and translated materials, enabling broader outreach and impact.

Transparency and Trust:

Dan Kost emphasizes the importance of transparency in his funding goals, ensuring that potential contributors understand how their contributions will be used to advance financial education. By providing a detailed breakdown, he aims to build trust with contributors, demonstrating his commitment to their financial education needs.

Unique Perks for Contributors:

Contributors to the campaign will receive unique perks, including:

1. Early Access to New Online Course: Early contributors will have the privilege of accessing the new online course on personal finance before it is made available to the public.

2. Personalized Financial Coaching: Contributors who donate a certain amount will receive personalized financial coaching directly from Dan Kost.

3. Free Copy of Translated MoneySmarts Materials: Donors who contribute a specified amount will receive a free copy of the translated MoneySmarts website and educational materials in the language of their choice.

Empowering Lives Worldwide:

Dan Kost is enthusiastic about the potential impact of this campaign, as it provides an opportunity to make a substantial difference in the lives of people around the world. By contributing to this initiative, individuals can help provide others with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed financial decisions and achieve their financial goals.

Commitment to Success:

Even if the entire funding goal is not reached, Dan Kost is determined to utilize the funds raised for developing the new online course and translating MoneySmarts materials into as many languages as possible. He remains dedicated to ensuring the MoneySmarts campaign’s success and expresses his gratitude for the support of all contributors.

To learn more about the campaign and make a contribution, please visit [ ].

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At MoneySmarts LLC, goes beyond conventional financial education. With the seamless integration of artificial intelligence, MoneySmarts offers individuals invaluable guidance when navigating a diverse range of financial scenarios. MoneySmarts platform provides answers, aids in sidestepping potential pitfalls, and furnishes clear directions at every juncture of one’s financial journey.

In addition to MoneySmarts core mission, MoneySmarts has expanded its reach through various platforms:

1. MoneySmarts.News: dedicated online news portal, MoneySmarts.News, serves as a reputable source for the latest financial insights, covering an extensive array of financial topics. It offers expert analysis, educational articles, and a deeper understanding of financial concepts, contributing to informed decision-making.

2. MoneySmarts.TV: MoneySmarts.TV is an innovative online television network that brings real-world financial scenarios to life. With expert hosts and educational entertainment, it offers practical guidance, fostering a deeper understanding of financial principles in an engaging and accessible format.

3. MoneySmarts.Store: MoneySmarts.Store is where fashion and financial literacy intersect. MoneySmarts clothing line features short, inspiring messages paired with AI-generated graphics, delivering a powerful reminder that financial literacy is a mindset, not just a skill. Proceeds from MoneySmarts.Store support game development for various platforms, ultimately making financial education more accessible.

MoneySmarts LLC is not just a company; it’s a commitment to building a more financially literate society where individuals have the knowledge and resources required to take charge of their financial well-being. MoneySmarts comprehensive approach and diverse platforms reflect the unwavering dedication to this mission.

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