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ConversionQA from DeltaXML for confident data migration

ConversionQA from DeltaXML

A significant step forward in migrating documents in entirely different XML formats

MALVERN, WORCESTERSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, November 6, 2023 / — DeltaXML, a leading innovator in document management and XML comparison, proudly announces the launch of ConversionQA, a cutting-edge solution that sets a new standard in the field of document conversion assurance.

ConversionQA, unveiled at the beginning of October, is a remarkable leap forward in ensuring the retention of document integrity during conversion. In today’s fast-paced world, where document conversions are commonplace, such as Word to DITA, xHTML to DocBook and many more, organisations need a reliable and precise solution to guarantee that their content remains faithful to the original source. DeltaXML’s ConversionQA is the answer to this pressing need.

What sets ConversionQA apart is its meticulous examination of document content that has undergone conversion. The technology embedded in ConversionQA digs deep to analyse every aspect of the document, ensuring that even the most intricate details are retained, leaving no room for errors or discrepancies.

ConversionQA instils unwavering confidence in the faithful representation of your document post-conversion. Its precision and accuracy obliterate any conversion uncertainties. It produces in-depth reports that illuminate disparities between the original and converted documents, granting a comprehensive understanding of alterations. Through automated document comparison and analysis, ConversionQA optimises time and resources, becoming an indispensable tool for streamlined conversion workflows. Its adaptability caters to diverse document types and industries, each with their distinct requirements. Seamless integration into your existing systems elevates and streamlines the conversion process.

DeltaXML is committed to innovation and excellence, and ConversionQA is the latest manifestation of that commitment. By enabling organisations to maintain the integrity of their documents throughout the conversion process, DeltaXML empowers businesses to confidently embrace the digital age without fear of data loss or inaccuracies.

“Primarily designed to handle the ‘check that content conversion has been achieved without unforeseen content change’ scenario, ConversionQA allows comparison of content held in entirely different XML formats. The product represents a significant step forward in the realm of document conversion. We are proud to provide a solution that can revolutionise how businesses and individuals approach this critical process. With ConversionQA, you can trust that your converted documents faithfully reflect their original sources,” said Tristan Mitchell, Product Director at DeltaXML.

For more information or to request a demo, please visit the DeltaXML website.

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Introducing ConversionQA

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