Space Force Association Becomes Official Sponsor of Space Force Cadet Corps in Groundbreaking Agreement

This agreement extends beyond mere collaboration; it symbolizes a commitment to fostering the next generation of leaders and innovators in the space domain.”

— Lang Eric Sundby, SFA Executive Director

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2024 / — In a momentous event for the future of space exploration and youth development, the Space Force Association (SFA) and the Space Force Cadet Corps (SFCC) have officially joined forces—this historic partnership was marked by a formal agreement signing at Q-Branch in Austin, Texas. The Space Force Association is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the United States Space Force and spacepower. The Space Force Cadet Corps is an organization focused on developing young leaders interested in the space sector.

The agreement, inked by Lang Eric Sundby, Executive Director of the SFA, and Michael Sayi, COO of the SFCC, positions the SFA as the sponsor organization for the SFCC. This partnership promises to revolutionize the development of America’s youth in the space sector and pave the way for exciting advancements in the coming year.The Space Force Association, known for its commitment to the United States Space Force and space-related advocacy, brings invaluable experience and resources to this partnership. Meanwhile, the Space Force Cadet Corps, dedicated to nurturing young minds passionate about space, will benefit from the SFA’s guidance and support.

“This agreement extends beyond mere collaboration; it symbolizes a commitment to fostering the next generation of leaders and innovators in the space domain. The partnership will inspire and guide aspiring cadets, shaping them into pioneers who will explore new frontiers in space,” said Lang Eric Sundby, SFA Executive Director. He continued, “This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to support the development of America’s space capabilities. Together, we are investing in the future – in the young minds who will one day lead us into new realms of discovery and exploration.” Michael Sayi of the SFCC echoed these sentiments, expressing excitement about the potential growth and opportunities this sponsorship will bring to the cadets.

The SFA and SFCC thank Space Force Association’s Texas Chapter and Q-Branch for hosting this landmark event. Looking ahead, the next major step in this partnership is the establishment of a squadron in Austin. This move promises to enrich the local community and the nation’s space endeavors further.

“To the future youth of the SFCC – may it be as bright and daring as the journey we embark on today!” said a spokesperson for both organizations, encapsulating the optimistic spirit of this historic agreement.

For more information about this partnership and the initiatives of both organizations, please visit SFA’s website,, or the SFCC on Linked In at

About the Space Force Association (SFA):

SFA is the only independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves as a professional military association whose sole focus is supporting the United States Space Force, United States Space Command, U.S. national spacepower at large, and our global partners and allies’ efforts in space. Its core functions are to research, inform, and advocate for superior spacepower by shaping a Space Force that provides credible deterrence in competition, dominant capability in combat, and professional services for all partners. The SFA has an essential function of supporting the men and women of the U.S. Space Force. Membership is open to both military and civilians. For more information on the SFA, please visit  

About The Space Force Cadet Corp (SFCC):

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for cadets ages 11-17 and adult volunteers interested in space and cyberspace. SFCC’s mission and vision are to educate and inspire the future leaders of the Space Age and to foster the creation of a new and improved space culture.

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