AI Robotics Unveiling Full Lineup of Service Robots at CES 2024

French Company Offers Dynamic AI-Fueled Robotic Solutions to Hospitality, Domestic, Medical/Healthcare and Logistics Industries

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, January 8, 2024 / — Building off its dynamic product launch in 2023 at GITEX in Africa, Marseille, France-based AI Robotics will unveil five new AI-driven robotic solutions for various industries at CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

Having identified their own proprietary niches within the fields of hospitality, home use, healthcare and mass product inventory and distribution, AI Robotics will introduce its UGO, DJEFFREY, STELLAR, ROBBY and FOXEE robots, each designed to perform a proprietary set of tasks within their specified fields.

“At AI Robotics, we are much more than a company; we are actually visionaries of service robotics in France.” said company CEO Amir Ben Ammar. “Our passion and dedication to innovation have led us to create a range of revolutionary robots with one clear objective — to propel French service robotics to new heights. We are committed to becoming the undisputed French leader in this industry by 2030.”

At CES this week, the company will showcase and demonstrate the following products:

Ugo – The intelligent service robot for the restaurant, hotel and retail industries with a focus on facilitating improved customer experience, expansion of sales, increase of general operational efficiency and reduction of labor costs.

Stellar – Designed primarily for domestic use in both the service industry and at home. Stellar combines artificial intelligence, advanced sensors, connectivity, autonomy and safety to provide a versatile and reliable domestic companion, handling daily tasks while improving comfort and security.

Djeffrey – A home service “butler” robot that not only performs various household functions, but actually learns and adapts to personal preferences, making for the ideal home companion.

Robby – A delivery robot designed specifically for the medical field with refrigerated and heated compartments and a state-of-the-art display screen, providing safe delivery of quality meals and medication while facilitating effective communication with patients and caregivers.

Foxee – An intelligent robot with sophisticated sensors and computer vision technology designed to monitor inventories, navigate storage shelves and units to provide improved operational efficiency – the ideal solution for precise tracking of product availability.

“Our vision is based on the belief that technology, especially robotics, can be a powerful asset for humanity,” said Ben Ammar. “We believe that service robots can relieve workers, improve operational efficiency, and provide exceptional customer experiences.”

During CES show hours, AI Robotics will exhibit at Eureka Park in the Venetian Expo, Hall G, Booth 60903.

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