British Actor Make a Mark With His Philanthropic Activities, Shows Real Heroes Are More Than Just Reel Life Acts
British Actor Make a Mark With His Philanthropic Activities, Shows Real Heroes Are More Than Just Reel Life Acts

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Actor Keith Mason’s Making Strong Mark With His Movies And His Charitable Activities Proving That Heroes Have A Bigger Role To Play Onscreen And Offscreen.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2023/ — British actor Keith Mason is making a positive mark with both his reel and real life roles that has been getting noticed on social media platforms for years now.
The actor launched his product line MasonMerch and donating the majority profits to help raise funds for a charitable foundation called the Tafida Raqeeb Foundation that is raising money to help build a hospital in the UK for children with brain injuries.

Keith Mason has been an active on the social media where he shares his love for sports, movies and philanthropic activities inspiring people across the globe with his experiences and involvement. Having been through several ups and downs and challenges yet keeping his utmost faith in God and his own hard work, Mason continues to inspire people and staying very hands on connected with people who reaches out to him and never ceases to amaze and inspire his fans.

The UK based retired elite rugby player turned actor who made his debut with the movie Skin Traffik that released in 2015. He was recently seen playing detective Jack Sullivan, hunting down a vigilante serial killer in the movie The Punished , that released in the USA in 2023, and earned a high rating of 8.1 on IMDb. Mason has also been confirmed as the lead actor in the upcoming movie The Chosen based on Sean O Neil’s super natural thriller novel, which will see him in a similar and more interesting role. The film will be directed by Fraser Toms and will be filmed extensively in Ireland and North America.

Mason’s strong background in sports training and his personality emerges very well in his movies and onscreen presence which earned him roles that are tough, gritty and powerful. Mason looks and onscreen personality often gets compared with the very well known James Bond famed actor Daniel Craig, and it might not be surprising to see Mason get selected as the next 007, owing to his overall qualities that is well aligned to be the next Bond.

As the hunt for the reel life hero still remains in the fog, it is however very clear that the real world has many more tough challenges to face and it is the action and contribution of real life heroes that makes the ultimate difference in the lives of the common man. Keith Mason’s merchandise product line MasonMerch which offers some very stylishly impressive sportswear and watches inviting people to buy with an open heart knowing well that every piece of contribution and support counts, as the majority if the profits will be forwarded to the building of a children’s hospital and that will help save many lives and many dreams that may end too soon, if such kind Samaritans had not stepped in to help.

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