TLP sets the pace for healthy summer hair care by launching exciting deals for a radiant season

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, USA, August 17, 2023/ — It’s almost midsummer, which means sun & heat exposure to the hair ensues, and it’s time to adopt a natural hair regime if you haven’t already started. The Love of People (TLP), a leading name in natural hair care, is excited to announce its summer promotion with discounts of up to 30% on a wide range of hair care products. With a commitment to nurturing hair health while embracing the essence of nature, TLP invites everyone to join the summer celebration and experience the magic of radiant, healthy hair.

Nurturing Nature’s Gift: TLP’s Commitment to Natural Hair Care

TLP is dedicated to offering hair care solutions that go beyond mere aesthetics. With a firm belief that nature holds the key to vibrant hair, TLP formulates its products using natural ingredients that harness the power of botanicals, oils, and herbs. These carefully crafted, science-backed products created by Nurse Practitioner and Hair Aesthetician Paula Bland cater to all curl types and concerns, delivering a unique blend of nourishment, hydration, and restoration.

Summer Special: Up To 30% Discount

TLP is extending a generous summer offer with discounts of up to 30% on all hair care products for women. This promotion is a testament to TLP’s commitment to making natural hair care accessible to all women with natural curls, enabling them to embrace their hair’s natural beauty without compromising quality or price.

Embrace Your Hair’s Journey: TLP’s Range of Products

TLP’s range of natural hair care products encompasses a comprehensive selection, including shampoo, conditioners, oils, styling gel, cream, and foam. Each product is thoughtfully formulated to cater to specific hair concerns, be it hydration, repair, growth, or styling. With TLP, customers can embark on a journey of transformation, embracing their hair’s uniqueness and rejoicing in its natural state. Hair health is the priority for TLP.

Founder and CEO of TLP, Paula Bland, expresses, “TLP was born out of the love for natural beauty and the desire to nurture hair in the most authentic way. Our products reflect this commitment, as we infuse each formulation with the essence of nature to enhance hair health.”

She further adds that her experience of over 10 years as a nurse practitioner, her belief in holistic treatment, and hundreds of successful hair treatments keep her motivated to make natural hair care a lifestyle practice rather than just a regime.

TLP products that have shined through this summer:


Good Thing is TLP’s standout product this summer. This Leave-in conditioner is touted to sun-proof curls most naturally. It shields the hair from intense UV rays effortlessly. This powerhouse of Babassu oil, Flaxseed gel, and Aloe Vera Gel offers moisture and natural UV filters, ensuring the hair stays protected from sun damage and dryness.


The transformative prowess of TLP’s natural styling cream, enriched with the nourishing essence of Castor Oil, is hard to miss. The unique selling point of XXIVK lies in its remarkable ability to maintain hair moisture for an impressive span of 5 days. It combats dryness naturally and is versatile enough to create intricate braiding, artistic twisting, and more.

Loving You:

Loving You is a sulfate-free, no-lather shampoo designed to cleanse hair with utmost care. Enriched with natural ingredients, including African Black Soap, Rhassoul Clay, and Sea Kelp, this pH-balancing formula offers a gentle yet effective detox for both scalp and hair. It is perfect for sweaty summer days for a cleansing experience free from harsh chemicals that nurtures hair health and vitality.


Nice Thing is a natural detox solution that combines the power of Celtic Sea Salt and Basil Oil. This innovative formula effectively eliminates build-up and toxins while maintaining the scalp’s natural pH balance. The infusion of vital nutrients and hydration results in hair that’s not only stronger and healthier but also benefits from increased blood flow and stimulated hair growth.

While talking about the positive response to the summer hair care regime by TLP, Founder Paula Bland shares, “TLP’s journey began with a vision to embrace natural beauty. Every product is a testament to our dedication to hair health and authenticity. I am glad that women are now prioritizing their hair health and do not want to take chances with their hair.”

Embrace the Summer Vibe with TLP

As summer passes by in all its glory, TLP encourages individuals to embrace the season’s vibrant spirit by nurturing their hair with products that celebrate nature’s bounty. The discounts offered during this promotion make it the perfect opportunity to explore TLP’s range and embark on a journey towards healthier, happier hair.

About The Love of People

The Love of People (TLP) is a natural hair care brand dedicated to providing high-quality, natural hair care products that celebrate the beauty of diversity. With a focus on harnessing the power of nature’s gifts, TLP’s products are formulated to promote healthy hair and empower individuals to embrace their unique hair journey.

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