New Common Sense in Management under the US-China Cold War : 15 Selected Topics

Nikkei BP has published a book titled “New Common Sense in Management under the US-China Cold War.”

TOKYO, JAPAN, August 9, 2023/ — New Common Sense in Management under the US-China Cold War : 15 Selected Topics

In July 2023, a book titled “New Common Sense in Management under the US-China Cold War: 15 Selected Topics” was published by Nikkei BP.

During the recent G7 Summit in Hiroshima, economic security strategies aimed at dealing with China and Russia were referred to as “de-risking.” However, it is worth mentioning that “de-coupling” seems to be happening in various advanced industries such as semiconductors, AI, quantum computing, and innovative medicine. De-coupling is now a new management challenge comparable in terms of emphasis to “decarbonization”.

Mr. Tatsuki Onda, the author of this book, is a consultant who specializes in providing support for overseas businesses and developing new business ventures. He was formerly an Associate at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University and had discussed a range of topics with policy elites in the US. In addition, while providing support for businesses in China, he also served as a Strategy Advisor for the Board of Directors of a public company in China. Through his experiences, he has acquired valuable insights into the true intentions of both the US East Coast establishment and China.

This book analyzes the reasons behind the “US-China Cold War,” its potential future developments, and how it may affect Japanese corporate management from 15 perspectives. It is organized in a way that allows readers to start from any section. The book concludes by clearly illustrating and explaining the structure of the US-China Cold War.

This book on management is the outcome of the author’s extensive research spanning many years.

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