Ariento Announces CMMC Early Bird Assessment Program
Ariento's C3PAO team has launched an Early Bird Assessment Program, allowing firms in the Defense Industrial Base to conduct their CMMC Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessment while mitigating the business risk associated with uncertainty about the timing of the CMMC final rule being published. The Early Bird Assessment Program incentivizes defense contractors to conduct their Joint Surveillance Assessment with discounted pricing and guarantees for no-cost remediation if CMMC assessment standards change.

Ariento Inc., an authorized CMMC Third Party Assessor Organization (C3PAO), announced today it is launching a CMMC Early Bird Assessment Program. As part of the program, Ariento is offering discounted, risk-free assessments with no cost rollover for Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessments (JSVA) during the CMMC pilot period. 

"We recognize the journey CMMC has been for defense contractors with the numerous false starts and changes. This program is an attempt to reduce our client's risk so they can feel good about taking advantage of the opportunity to be first with a Joint Surveillance Assessment," said Dan Baldini, Ariento's C3PAO Program Manager.

As part of Ariento's Early Bird Assessment Program, Ariento is not only discounting its services but is offering the following risk assurances:

  1. If CMMC changes between a successful Joint Surveillance engagement and the interim final rule being published, Ariento's C3PAO team will conduct any required rework or recertification activities at no additional cost.
  2. If an Early Bird participant is not selected by DIBCAC through no fault of their own, Ariento's C3PAO team will honor the original discounted pricing and roll the participant into the queue for a CMMC Level 2 certification assessment upon the final rule taking effect, ensuring they are first in line for certification.

The Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessment program allows DoD contractors to get assessed against the CMMC requirements prior to final rulemaking. The assessment uses the same assessment criteria as the CMMC Level 2 assessment and is conducted in tandem by a team of assessors from the DoD's Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Assessment Center (DIBCAC) and a C3PAO, or Certified Third-Party Assessment Organization.

For more information on Joint Surveillance, see this FAQ.

For more information on Ariento's CMMC Early Bird Assessment Program, click here.

About Ariento

Ariento is a leading B2B cybersecurity, information technology (IT), and compliance service, provider. Comprised of a veteran team boasting decades of experience at the highest levels of the United States military and federal government, it specializes in delivering best-in-class technology solutions that are secure and regulatory compliant. From consulting to fully outsourced IT services and more, Ariento gives business owners and executives one less thing to worry about in today's interconnected digital world.

Contact Information:
Dan Baldini
C3PAO Program Manager
[email protected]
(323) 705-3183

Bryan Crosson
Director, Business Development
[email protected]

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