Cognni Publishes Comprehensive Report on Information Risk in Data Security


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Cognni, an Israeli software development company, has recently released a comprehensive report on information risks in the data security landscape. Compiled from extensive research conducted over the course of 2022, the report will help organizations protect themselves against the growing threat of cyber attacks by outlining both the types of risks that companies face and the potential damage caused by such attacks. The report also provides strategies for managing and mitigating the latest cyber threats.

With the data demands of organizations continuing to grow exponentially, protecting all that data has become crucial. Unfortunately, the amount of data a typical organization collects is growing so fast that it's become nearly impossible to track and manage. This can lead to a host of security vulnerabilities about which organizations can be completely unaware.

Worse yet, cybercriminals are now employing AI tools to launch larger and more sophisticated attacks that can wreak havoc when they find a vulnerability. Staying ahead of these threats is a never-ending fight for IT teams, but companies can't protect vulnerable data points when they aren't even aware that they exist. This is where Cognni's new report comes in. 

"Until now, there has been a significant gap in understanding of the latest risks to unclassified data within organizations," said Guy Eisdorfer, co-founder and CEO of Cognni. "With this report, Cognni has provided a roadmap for navigating the complex landscape of modern data security, which illustrates our ongoing commitment to innovation and thought leadership in the field of data security and compliance."

Available for download on Cognni's website, the report leverages Cognni's unique AI engine to autonomously classify information at every level of an organization, with human-like understanding. Cognni's ability to understand information and monitor risk makes them uniquely capable of producing this report.   

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Founded in 2019, Cognni is a software development company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Its core mission is to provide unrivaled AI technology tools and services through a fully autonomous data mapping platform. By autonomously assessing, recommending, and mitigating information risks, Cognni's innovative classification platform can provide users with a full understanding of what information exists, what it says, and where it is located. Cognni's platform works with Microsoft's security tools to mitigate the chances of a security breach.

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