Top Scams to Watch Out for in 2023

iQuanti: As technology advances, so do the ways people—both malicious actors and everyday citizens—take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. 

This year, in the name of vigilance, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the top scams to watch out for in 2023. One scam that has unfortunately become quite common is phishing. Through phishing, scammers send emails or messages that appear legitimate but contain scam links or attachments with harmful software. 

From emails that contain malware to student loan forgiveness scams, here are the top scams to watch out for in 2023:

Phishing, Smishing, and Vishing 

Phishing, smishing, and vishing are all forms of cybercrime that involve tricking people into providing sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers.

Phishing involves sending fraudulent emails, smishing uses text messages, and vishing involves using voice calls—all for deploying a cyberattack. All three appear to be from a legitimate source to gain the victim's trust and therefore access to your personal information. 

Protect Yourself: The best way to protect yourself from these schemes is to be aware of them and never provide personal information unless you can verify the source. 

Student Loan Forgiveness Scams 

Student loan forgiveness scams prey on those struggling with debt by offering them false loan forgiveness promises in exchange for a fee. 

The truth is that there is generally no such thing as "instant" loan forgiveness—it takes time and dedication to get your loans forgiven or restructured. 

Protect Yourself: Do your research before engaging with any company claiming they can help with student loan forgiveness, as many of these companies may be fraudulent or illegitimate. 

One-Time Password (OTP) Bot Scam 

An OTP bot scam has become increasingly prevalent over the past few years as cybercriminals focus their efforts on stealing people's OTP codes used for two-factor authentication (2FA). 

In this scheme, attackers use bots that send thousands of requests for OTP codes via SMS or email within a short period of time, hoping that at least one code will get through before the user notices the fraud attempt and blocks it. 

Protect Yourself: To protect yourself from an OTP bot scam, keep your devices up to date with the latest security patches and use strong passwords for all your online accounts. 

The Classic Gift Card Scam 

The gift card scam involves malicious actors offering victims free gift cards in exchange for their personal information, like Social Security numbers or bank account details. Once they have this information, the attackers may be able to use it to commit identity theft or other types of financial fraud. 

Protect Yourself: As tempting as it may seem, never provide personal information when offered something "free" online—if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is! 

Final Thoughts

Knowing the top scams to watch out for in 2023 is the first step towards increased security online. 

From phishing, smishing, and vishing attacks to student loan forgiveness scams, OTP bot scams, and gift card scams, there are a variety of fraudulent activities that you should be aware of. 

As much as it's important to stay informed about the latest developments in these areas—including new techniques scammers may use—it's equally important to remember to never give up personal information or money without verifying information and sources first. 

With diligence and caution, you can stay safe while browsing the web!

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