CreativeOne Welcomes Industry Veteran, Joel Houser, to Drive Generational Planning for Independent Business Owners

Joel Houser, VP Life, Business Development


Empowering family offices to navigate the complexities of privately held businesses, generational planning, and a lasting impact on families and communities.

He’s an exceptional problem solver who empowers advisors to collaborate with business owners, attorneys, and accountants to create enduring legacies. We are glad to have him back in the Life Division.”

— Michael Miller, President, Partner & CEO of CreativeOne

OVERLAND PARK, KS, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2023/ — CreativeOne, a leading financial marketing organization, proudly announces the return of Joel Houser as Vice President, Business Development, Life Division. Houser’s reappointment emphasizes CreativeOne’s commitment to being a premier resource for Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms seeking expert guidance and advanced tools to assist independent self-made business owners in generational planning.

In today’s self-made era, U.S. families hold roughly four times the wealth of our nation’s gross domestic product according to the Congressional Budget Office. The need for comprehensive planning to ensure smooth transitions, buy-sell agreements, and sustainable multi-generational legacies in critical to business owners. Joel Houser brings a wealth of expertise and experience to address this pressing need, having successfully developed and implemented plans for several firms within the esteemed S&P 500 index.

At CreativeOne, Houser aims to provide the same unparalleled level of service to independent business owners, empowering them to navigate the complexities of their lifelong achievements and leave a lasting impact on their families and communities. Recognizing the barriers faced by advisors in broaching the topic of meaningful planning opportunities without the requisite knowledge, Houser seamlessly integrates into the advisory team, serving as a valuable resource. With over a decade of experience as a financial advisor and an additional decade in advanced planning, he understands the client-firm dynamic, embraces the firm’s investment philosophies, and weaves comprehensive plans that align seamlessly with existing firm philosophies.

According to Houser, “CreativeOne is uniquely positioned in the market to assist RIAs in creating multi-generational planning, preserving assets, and approaching the subject confidentially with clients. Leveraging CreativeOne’s recent innovations and extensive network of resources, we will deliver unparalleled solutions to the self-made Americans who urgently require strategic multi-generational planning.”

Advisors experiencing a service gap in offerings for key clients can benefit from a generational strategy session with Joel Houser. For more information, contact CreativeOne at 800.992.2642

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