Bocada Enhances MSP Capabilities in Backup Monitoring Automation Platform
Automating Global MSP BaaS Operations & Oversight to Drive Data Protection Excellence

BELLEVUE, Wash. - October 11, 2022 - (

Bocada, a backup monitoring and reporting automation company, released a new version of Bocada oriented toward the MSP market. The new features empower MSPs to more securely and efficiently monitor end-customer backup operations to hit key SLA goals while automating operations throughout their backup-as-a-service (BaaS) offerings.  

New & updated features include: 

Remote Data Collection. MSPs can now securely aggregate end-customer backup performance data within the Bocada monitoring platform through secure API connections. This supports simplified customer onboarding and automates data collector updates within distributed network topologies, while more easily meeting customer security requirements.  

Automated Customer Segmentation & Tagging. Bocada now automates the tagging of distinct customer assets as new customers are onboarded. This removes the need for manual tagging while automatically aggregating all relevant customer assets into customer-specific performance and compliance reports.  

Cross-Customer Unprotected Asset Identification. Through its native integrations with customers' asset inventory solutions, Bocada automatically identifies unprotected assets. MSP teams receive reconciled lists to quickly and easily identify assets that do not have backups or are not part of backup policy groups.  

White Labeling. MSPs can customize the Bocada platform, reports, and email distributions with their logos for a branded end-customer experience.  

Email Blocs. BaaS operators can insert dynamic modules or "email blocs" within templated report distributions. This allows senders to leverage a single report configuration to automatically distribute customer-specific data directly to many different customers and stakeholders. 

These additional capabilities build on Bocada's already-robust backup monitoring feature set—native integration with over 40 enterprise backup, cloud, and storage solutions, highly customizable report templates, alert triggers, unprotected asset discovery, and ticketing—to automate and optimize MSP BaaS workflows. 

"We're aiming to help MSPs balance the competing priorities of meeting customer security requirements while achieving internal BaaS profit margin goals," said Matt Hall, Bocada's Chief Revenue Officer. "By improving not just how MSP customer backup data is collected but also how MSPs monitor, use, and share the data, we can deliver streamlined and secure processes into BaaS operations. BaaS teams effectively reduce overhead and delivery costs while successfully hitting key performance metrics." 

The latest version of Bocada is available at

About Bocada  

Bocada delivers backup reporting and monitoring automation solutions for complete visibility into backup performance. The Bocada platform simplifies complex backup and storage oversight, allowing IT organizations to save time, reduce overhead costs, and decrease data protection risks. With the largest installed customer base in the Fortune 500, Bocada is the world's leading provider of backup reporting automation.  

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